Joint Commodities Bidding

BCRCOG provides Joint Bidding for a variety of materials, among them Summer and Winter Road Materials.

Winter 2017-18 Bid Tabulation

Winter Commodities Bidding

Winter Commodities Bidding Instructions

AVAILABLE: 2017 Spring-Summer Commodities Contracts

Bids for 2017 Spring-Summer commodities were certified by vote of the Board of Delegates on April 27th.  Municipal members are encouraged to accept the lowest bid.  Contracts may be downloaded from this page; bids must be accepted by resolution.

Uniform Construction Code Appeals Board

Our multi-municipal Appeals Board offers a relief process for applicants as provided by the Pennsylvania Uniform Construction Code Act.  Applicant property must be located in a participating COG municipality. 
Hearing dates are available monthly, on the third Monday of the month, at 7:00 PM at Monaca Borough Building.   The hearing fee is $750.00, which includes a court stenographer to produce and official transcript.  Our hearing board is made up of architects, engineers, builders and other construction specialists.

DOWNLOAD THE APPLICATION HERE: Application/fee must be received at least 10 days before desired hearing date.  The Board has up to 60 days to hear an appeal after the application is received.

Other Services

Arrangements may be made for Shared Service studies/analyses, such as Regional Police Services and Merged Fire Service, for multi-municipal planning and for grant writing.  Contact us for more information.